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Savognin winter hiking trails

Walk through the snowy landscape and enjoy the silence of winter. Our walking and winter hiking trails are groomed daily for you. Choose your favourite route. The mountain cableways can be used to shorten certain routes.

Price of mountain cableways for hikers

Individual rides (prices per section) Adults Children Youth/Seniors  
Ascent and descent (prices in CHF) 10.00 7.00 10.00  

High panorama hiking trail 8 km, 2½ hours

The trail passes high above Savognin with an outstanding view over the valley.

Somtgant 10-person gondola station (see mountain cableways prices above)
Route: Somtgant - Naladas - Tigia/Radons - Tigignas
Alternative options: From Tigia via Fotgs - Parnoz to Savognin or from Tigia - Fotgs to Tigignas.

Tigignas - Parsonz - Salouf 5 km, 1½–2 hours

Enjoyable hiking trail with lovely views of the Alpine landscape.

Tigignas chairlift station (see mountain cableways prices above)
Route: Tigignas - Rodas - Talvangas - Parsonz - Salouf
Alternative options: Return from Salouf with the Postauto bus or continue on foot past Lai Burvagn and on to Cunter-Savognin.

Tigignas - Riom - Cunter 5 km, 1½–2 hours

This trail leads you past the historic and impressive Riom castle, then down alongside the tranquil waters of the Julia river and along the other side of the valley to the village of Cunter.

Tigignas chairlift station (see mountain cableways prices above)
Route: Tigignas - Riom - Cunter
Alternative option: From Riom head to Savognin.

Savognin - Tinizong 2 km, 1 hour

Idyllic trail along the Julia river.

Punt Crap stone bridge, Savognin
Route: Savognin - Tinizong
Alternative options: From Tinizong return on the other side of the river; from Tinizong follow the trail to Rona and return with the Postauto bus or hike two short circuits in Rona.

Savognin - Cunter - Salouf - Riom - Savognin 10 km, 4 hours

Picturesque circular trail with a fabulous scenic backdrop. The crowning glory is a beautifully sunny stretch between Riom and Savognin.

Punt Crap or the car park at the Lai Barnagn bathing lake
Route: Savognin - Cunter - Salouf - Riom - Savognin
Attention: the route now leads from Cunter Gravas on the left side of the Julia river to the gravel plant and then to Salouf.

Savognin - Soras - Rudnal 2 km, 1 hour

Peaceful walking trail away from the buzz on the ski slopes, making it absolutely ideal for those seeking rest and relaxation.

Son Mitgel village square (near the fountain)
Route: Savognin - Soras - Rudnal
Alternative option: Hike the trail in the opposite direction or take along a sled.

Mulegns - Val Faller - Tga 4 km, 2 hours

A tranquil, slightly uphill trail that leads mainly through the forest.

Start: Across from the Posthotel Löwen, Mulegns
Route: Mulegns - Val Faller - Tga
Attention: Not always groomed

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