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Bivio winter hiking trails

Bivio is especially attractive in winter. In this idyllic spot between the Julier Pass and the Marmorera dam, you will find numerous winter hiking trails that are groomed daily for you. Get out there and experience winter on foot.

Bivio - Barscheinz - Bivio 5 km, approx. 2 hours

Finish off this lovely hike on the sunny terrace in Bivio with a view of the ski area.

Bivio post office
Route: Bivio - Barscheinz - Bivio

Bivio - Stalvedro - Bivio 6 km, approx. 2 hours

An enjoyable mountain hike through the deep snow of a high-Alpine forest alongside the cross-country ski trail.

Start: Bivio post office
Route: Bivio - Stalvedro - Bivio

Bivio - Alac - Tgavretga - Bivio 8 km, approx. 3½ hours

A thrilling hike through Bivio's winter landscape at the foot of the Roccabella with a breathtaking view.

Start: Bivio post office
Route: Bivio - Alac - Tgavretga – Bivio

Bivio - Camon - Bivio 7 km, approx. 3½ hours

This winter hiking trail leads through Bivio's ski area, and you can stop for refreshments at the Camon mountain restaurant.

Start: Bivio post office
Route: Bivio - Camon - Bivio

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