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Albula Valley winter hiking trails

Fresh snow has fallen the night before. Now the sun is slowly rising over the Albula Valley. The virgin snowflakes cover the tree branches and the warmer it becomes, the more the sun begins to melt them, and they fall, with a sudden soft plop, leaving small heaps of snow underneath the trees. You can experience this winter wonderland best on foot. Choose your own route.

Alvaneu Dorf

"Sontg Antoni - Faderna" loop trail 3 km, 1 hour
Pleasant walking trail on the sunny plateau of the Albula Valley, perfect for those seeking rest and relaxation and a great view of the valley.

Alvaneu Dorf post office
Route: Alvaneu Dorf - sports field - Cumpogna - Sontg Antoni Capella - Alvaneu Dorf


Mon - Stierva - Mon 5 km, 1½–2 hours
Do you love nature and silence? If so, we recommend this idyllic hiking trail with a gorgeous view of the Albula Valley.

Mon post office
Route: Mon - Stierva - Mon
Alternative option: From Stierva return with the Postauto bus to Mon


High walking trail 1.5 km, ¾ hour
Surava's sunniest winter hiking trail through forests and meadows.

The railway crossing in Surava
Route: Direction of Brinzauls - return to Alvaneu Dorf
Alternative option: Start above Restaurant Post

Children’s walking path 1 km, ½ hour
Easy winter walking path that can also be enjoyed as a circular tour through the village. The Gravas playground is located right on the path.

Skateline car park, Surava
Route: Follow the Albula river in the direction of Tiefencastel – take the 1st bridge on the right - return to the village entrance

Albula "Kristallweg" Crystal trail 1.5 km, ¾ hour
Winter magic at its beautiful best right alongside the Albula river. An easy walk that can also be enjoyed as a circular tour past the railway station and back to the village.
Start: Below the skating rink, Surava
Route: Along the Albula river - Motta Planga - Surava railway station


All around Schmitten 3 km, 1 hour
Very sunny winter hiking trail with a view of the Piz Ot, Piz Ela, Tinzerhorn and Piz Mitgel peaks, all rising more than 3000 metres above you.

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