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Barbecue pits in Savognin Bivio

Sheltered in shady forests, on the banks of the river or in a tranquil meadow with a picturesque view, the 10 fire pits in Savognin Bivio located beside the hiking trails invite you and your family to stop and enjoy a tasty barbecue. Most of the fire pits provide a small amount of firewood. A selection of the region's barbecue pits:

  • Alp Flix: Two barbecue pits beside Lais da Flix. There is firewood and a toilet available at the near end of the lake.
  • Alvaneu Dorf: Aclas Dafora, Aclas Davains
  • Bivio: Plaz la Foppa, climbing park, Alac
  • Cunter: Badogna, playground barbecue pit
  • Marmorera: Castigl
  • Mulegns: Pt. 1767 (on the way to Val Faller)
  • Parsonz: Bargung, Cresta da Lai, Lai Lung, Mot Laritg
  • Rona: playground barbecue pit Rona
  • Salouf: Cre digl Lai, Lueras, Munter
  • Savognin: Parnoz, Plang la Curvanera, Crap Farerras, barbecue pit "Alpenflora path", barbecue pit Lai Barnagn
  • Surava: Crap Furo, Plang digls Bovs
  • Tinizong: Pensa

Please remember:

  • Always use the designated fire pits.
  • Douse all fires after barbecuing.
  • Obey the warnings about forest fire danger.

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