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Parc Ela – The largest nature park in Switzerland

The Savognin Bivio holiday destination is situated in Switzerland's largest nature park. Primitive beauty, Romansh villages and a diverse cultural heritage in three languages – Romansh, Italian and German – characterise Parc Ela. The multifaceted landscape is marked by winding mountain passes and Alpine flora and fauna.

General information about Parc Ela


The five highlights of Parc Ela


  • Absolutely gorgeous hikes lead through Parc Ela. You can experience the impressive natural beauty best on foot.
  • The unparalleled, pristine landscape can be discovered during special tours and excursions focused on specific themes.
  • High up on Alp Flix, Professor Fix and the explorer’s kit will help you explore the unique moor landscape, ensuring an unforgettable experience for young and old alike.
  • The mountain forest is a fascinating natural habitat and complex ecosystem. In Parc Ela there are various events and offers available to assist the entire family in uncovering the secrets of the mountain forest.
  • The Romansh culture with its churches and museums forms an interesting fabric connecting nature and day-to-day life in this region.

See the prettiest destinations on foot

Walk through meadows, mountain forests and stone-strewn landscapes and use all of your senses to enjoy the surrounding nature and fresh mountain air. Round off your adventure with a gorgeous view, a tasty meal or a special display of nature as your reward. This is what relaxation looks like in Parc Ela's hiking paradise.

Hiking destinations in the nature park
Guided hikes in Parc Ela
Sights worth seeing in Parc Ela

Products & partners

A variety of handicrafts and agricultural products are made and sold by local businesses right in Parc Ela. Take a look for yourself and be amazed by the array of goods you can acquire in Switzerland's largest nature park.

Products from Parc Ela

Schools & groups at Parc Ela

Your school class or corporate team can spend a day in Parc Ela and enjoy an excursion or even an adventure in nature conservation. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with nature conservation combined with team-building activities.

Nature conservation projects and excursions

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