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You don't always have to use skis or a snowboard to have fun in the snow. Trade in your skis or board for a funsport vehicle and test it out at the Funpark Tigignas.

The Skifox

Sit down on it, strap mini-skis to your feet and off you go. The Skifox is an experience that anyone can enjoy. All you have to do is sit comfortably on the one-legged stool and hold the seat with your hands while carving your way down the mountain. You can use the skis to change direction or simply shift your weight if you are more experienced.

The Snowcycle

Summer is not the only time you can bike here. In winter you can also bike down the mountain – without wheels, of course. The Snowcycle is a bicycle without wheels. The Snowcycle has handlebars and a saddle, just like a bicycle, but it has two long skis instead of wheels. All you have to do is strap the two short skis to your feet and you are ready for your snowy adventure.


Funsport vehicles are only permitted on the sledding runs and in the Funpark Tigignas. They are prohibited on all the ski slopes.


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