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The first ice trail, a 3-km ice-skating route, is very popular with sports lovers, families and clubs. Skating down the gentle slope amidst the magical winter landscape of the Albula is a thrill for young and old alike. A shuttle brings you up from Surava to Alvaneu Bad. Have fun!


Length: 3 km

Width: 3 m (specially laid on a hiking trail)

Departure point and destination

Surava is front of Alvaneu Bad (895 m above sea level) The shuttle bus or Postauto takes you to the start in Alvaneu Bad (935 m above sea level).


All the equipment you need can be hired at the Skateline

  •     ice skates
  •     helmet (compulsory)
  •     elbow and knee pads


Available from the Skateline bar at the departure point for the trail.

Arriving by public transport

From Chur: By Rhaetian Railway to Tiefencastel and then by Postbus to Surava

From the Engadine: By Rhaetian Railway to Filisur and then by Postbus to Surava.

More information:

Opening hours

Season start to mid February      
Monday - saturday 10-21 hr    
Sunday 10-17 hr    
Holiday 10-21 hr    
From mid February to season end      
Monday - saturday 9-12.30 hr and 17.30-21 hr    
Sunday 9-12.30 hr    

Find out in our Winter sports report whether the Skateline is open or closed.

Contact Skateline Albula

Skateline Albula
7472 Surava Schweiz
+41 79 457 37 04

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