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Senda Ferrada fixed-rope route

A total of 1,320 metres in altitude difference, 220 steps, a 1-km cable rope, a rock projection and two narrow ridge hikes have to be overcome to complete the fixed-rope route and arrive at the summit at 3,159 metres above sea level. Adrenalin rushes are guaranteed on Piz Mitgel. The Senda Ferrada offers the experience of a challenging fixed-rope route with a vertical wall and the ascent of a three-thousand-metre mountain boasting an unbeatable view.

The fixed-rope route is closed until further notice. Use of the route outside of opening hours is strictly forbidden.


Fixed-rope route - Senda Ferrada (pdf)


Senda verticala: The main ascent is technically difficult and suited to conditioned climbers. This route features certain difficulties; children or inexperienced climbers are advised against attempting it.

Senda diagonala: A shorter variation by half, this route has approximately 200 m of altitude difference and is also suitable for less-experienced mountaineers.

Senda finala: Summit tour on the 3,159-m-high Piz Mitgel. After completing this final section, you will deserve the breathtaking panorama view. Just enjoy it.

Having the right equipment not only makes things more fun, it also ensures your safety.

Mandatory climbing equipment:

  • Fixed-rope route set with safety carabiner brake
  • Helmet
  • Climbing belt
  • Gloves recommended

Additional equipment suited to the situation:

  • Appropriate clothing
  • Sturdy hiking boots
  • Telescopic climbing poles
  • Backpack
  • Mobile phone

Safety information:

  • Enter the fixed-rope route under calm weather conditions only
  • Appropriate equipment is mandatory
  • Be considerate of other climbers and do not dislodge any stones
  • Respect the flora and fauna
  • Insurance coverage is each climber's responsibility
  • Any damage is to be reported to Savognin Tourism in Surses


Please inform you at the tourist office about special details on climbing before you start a tour.

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