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You will find unique flora and fauna and an unspoilt pristine environment in the Savognin Bivio holiday region. There is an appreciation of cultural and traditional values here, some of which are still lived out today.


You will be holidaying in a historical hiking area. Bivio's name means "crossroads," and it is inextricably linked to the two Roman passes of Septimer and Julier. The village of 260 inhabitants has the strangest linguistic set-up in the whole of Europe - this was the verdict of a notable scholar regarding Bivio, which at 1,769 meters is the highest-lying village in the Surses.

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Savognin offers fun and recreation for the whole family, so it is no coincidence that the resort is so sought after. Numerous attractions make the stay the perfect family experience. While children have fun in Pinocchio Club under professional supervision, the bathing lake of Lai Barnagn is perfect for a cooling dip.

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