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Ela Card – the holiday ticket in Savognin Bivio

Who is entitled to a visitor's card?

Local residents with a fixed address (fiscal domicile) in one of the municipalities listed below, as well as visitors staying one night or more in tourist accommodation or in a holiday apartment, all holiday apartment owners, long-term tenants and those staying at campgrounds in the municipalities listed below and their immediate family members. The Ela Card is personal and non-transferable.

This applies to the Albula/Alvra, Bivio, Marmorera, Sur, Mulegns, Tinizong-Rona, Savognin, Cunter, Riom-Parsonz, Salouf and Schmitten municipalities.

Your ticket for unlimited holiday fun in the entire Savognin Bivio Albula region. In summer enjoy free use of the mountain cableways and the Postauto bus network. Simply show your "Ela Card" at the participating businesses and you will profit from the following services. In summer, you can insert the Ela Card directly into the indicated card reader when using the Savognin mountain cableways. (The CUBE KEYCARD is valid for the same services as the Ela Card). If you still have old keycards (annual cards up to 2011/12), you can return them to Savognin Bergbahnen AG or the Savognin Tourism office in Surses and your deposit will be refunded. No deposit is required for the new cards.

The new Ela Card is available from 1 June each year and is valid for one year.


Savognin Tourismus im Surses
Stradung 42
CH-7460 Savognin

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