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In addition to a varied and fascinating Alpine landscape and great cultural diversity, Graubünden also offers a very interesting linguistic landscape. The inhabitants of this holiday spot in Switzerland speak German, Italian and Romansh. Bavegna an Surses!

Significant minority

A good third of Graubünden's population, i.e. approximately 50,000 people, speak Romansh regularly. Even though – or perhaps because – Romansh is considered one of Europe's minority languages, the Romansh speakers are very dedicated to protecting their interests and preserving their language. Romansh is spoken and celebrated in Surses, and it is a language that leaves its mark on people.

Romansh and tourism

In our holiday region, visitors have the opportunity to actively experience the Romansh language. We also offer interesting holiday language courses in Romansh and the chance to discover the sagas and myths of the region in German and Romansh on the "Veia digl Pader" poem trail.

"Veia digl Pader" poem trail

The "Veia digl Pader" themed poem trail provides you with an insight into the enchanting mountain villages of Stierva, Salouf and Riom. Along the way you will encounter poems by Pater Alexander Lozza in Romansh and German.

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Romansh holiday language course

Allegra! Bun de! Buna seira! Buna notg! Have you already heard these expressions? During the "30 years curs rumantsch da stad" anniversary in 2015, you will have the chance to learn Romansh or improve your Romansh skills. Savognin Tourism in Surses would be happy to include you in the fun.

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