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The name Origen is Rhaeto-Romanic and means genesis, origin, creation. Accordingly, the programme of the festival is a commitment to the cultural power of a trilingual region which thrives on cultural exchange.

The cultural organisation Origen is responsible for the annual Origen Festival of Culture and primarily dedicates itself to the promotion and production of professional contemporary opera.

Origen Programme

In 2015, the Origen Festival of Culture is dedicating itself to exodus and tells a story about travelling, fleeing, the search for safety, the loss of a home country and seeking of Paradise. We are celebrating an anniversary, namely the 10th birthday of the festival, and the Clavadeira of Sontga Crousch has opened its winterproof doors and ois offering space for artists from Chur, Hamburg, Riom, Vienna, Trun, Amsterdam and Paris. The world is travelling to Riom. Come and join us.

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